edie cover march 2022.jpeg

Edie Review

" Thankfully Steph is still ploughing her particular esoteric furrow and has just released her new single Edie which is as good as anything she's released to date. It sounds like a darkly psychedelic theme from a long forgotten left field spaghetti western and it's absorbing and utterly enchanting. If the Velvet Underground had been commissioned to do the title track for the Good, The Bad and the Ugly, this is how it would sound. "


  The Devil Has The Best Tuna

13th May 2022

A Wicked Man Cover.jpeg

A Wicked Man Review

" Steph Sweet lets “A Wicked Man” soars all the way out into the sky, with an expansive take that possesses a wild freedom to it. The blues, dream pop, hard rock, and shoegaze all mesh into a singular experience. A western twang certainly rests right in the center of it giving it a hazy, animalistic passion to it. She sings with a great degree of pure fire. Done with such dignity, she brings to mind some of the joy that the early 90s brought musically, as there is a raw grit that speaks right to the soul. "

  Skope Magazine

13th June 2022