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“British singer-songwriter Steph Sweet freely admits she’s a “refined taste” but it’s difficult to not be intrigued by her feisty, often contentious approach to pyschy acoustic indie-rock meets punk brand of music. Case in point, most recent single Not Your Pussy which, as song titles go, is pretty out there. A rumbling sound opens up, then a big bassy guitar sound before a distorted riff jumps in alongside Steph’s edgy vocals. 

Steph’s music varies from laid-back indie through to more upbeat, punk-tinged tracks like All The Things, the opener to Observation Ward. It opens up with repeating guitar riff with funky synth sounds over the top before dropping into a verse dominated by Steph’s echoey vocals. The opening guitar returns under the chorse vocals “It’s too brutal, Finding it hard to breathe.” A second chorus gives way to a return of the opening guitars alongside a big bassline, the pace drops down a little, before bursting into a big final blast of the chorus. ”



"There is an interesting background level of darkness I’ve been noticing increasing in music these last few months…Steph Sweet has brought an interesting and new sound to this area.

With powerful vocals, and swirly and crunchy guitar riffs that wouldn’t sound out of place in a later 90’s Britpop…’All The Things’ is dark, broody, a little strange, but also interesting an ear worm that will grab you and not let go.”



“Alt folk artist Steph Sweet has shared a track from her forthcoming album ‘Observation Ward’ entitled ‘These Butterfly Collectors’

Placed somewhere between Devandra Banhart and Joanna Newsom, the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist – vocals, guitars, drums, keyboards – combines a talent for bewitching song-writing, with a dreamy, lo-fi, alt-gaze delivery

Sam Geary - Little Indie Blogs


These Butterfly Collectors – Steph Sweet

“Gentle, acoustic gem….so good you’ll be floating on air”

Paul Kerr - The Devil Has The Best Tuna

Steph Sweet and acoustic guitar