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“Sweet’s depictions of life contain with it, a sparkling pallet of feminine perspectives and social satire.”

Waking Dream NYC


Observation Ward

This album is a brutally honest account of the musician’s life-long battles with mental illness and her observations of modern control methods, misogyny and unconscious bias against women and their art.

Observation Ward in her own words

I am the perpetual outsider. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.


This album is about madness. And in this bright, digital world that seems to weave between total honesty and utter censorship, I thought it pertinent to be honest about my mental health issues.

I’m known for my straight-talking honesty. I never pretend to be something that I’m not.

I never fake a song.

I don’t tell lies.

In some obscure way, I’m not insecure enough to lie.

Especially about my art. It’s just me singing.

Neurolinguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy have dramatically improved my quality of life over the last five years. That, along with giving up sugar, adverts, social media and rolling television news.

I no longer drive bolts into my head about all the evils in the world that I cannot change. Instead I change the little things I can.

And I celebrate being alive.

Steph Sweet - alternative and independent singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist