steph sweet in the green ivy

Origin:  UK


Genres:  Alternative, freak folk, psychedlic, angel punk, indie, lo-fi, underground, independent

SmokyMoonRecords - UK


Steph Sweet ran away from home at the age of fifteen and started singing in bands. She joined her first professional band as a singer at seventeen, lying about her age to get the gig. The Love Hysterix were a five-piece psychedelic band that quickly got a lot of positive attention in the local press, getting radio play and supporting Attila the Stockbroker at Warwick University, touring the underground and university UK scene and securing a manager. They were also offered a recording contract, which Sweet turned down as a bad deal.

She left the band to concentrate on her own song-writing. There followed a few bands that Sweet fronted as vocalist and guitarist, before finally forming the stoner-rock band Roadkill, who again quickly garnered a strong following, selling out their first gig and blowing the pub electrics. Their last gig was at the European Festival of Punk in Edinburgh. The drummer took LSD and soiled himself onstage, the tour manager drunkenly stole the van and the lead guitarist left her husband and ran off with the bass-player.

Steph Sweet then moved to Brighton and took an extended break from music for seven years. She wrote and published her first novel with an independent London publisher, who flew her to New York to sell the film rights. She focused on writing a further two novels, now published under the name Stevie O’Connor, before a close friend finally persuaded her back into performing at his pub, the Neptune. Music bit her again and she began the process of assembling her own recording studio, starting with a Tascam 4-track tape machine and trying to master the dark arts of soundwaves, recording, arranging and mixing music.

Sweet discovered Soundcloud and never looked back. Her first lo-fi tape 4-track song, Synaesthesia, was selected as Soundclouder Of The Day, gaining her thousands of followers but more importantly for her, connecting with working musicians from around the world.

Since then she has been number one with Ellen, featuring regularly in the Soundcloud charts, and her most recent single, Breathe went into the Soundcloud New&Hot Indie Chart at number two and stayed in the top ten for a fortnight. She has also been played on BBC radio and is interviewed and featured frequently in international music blogs in Canada, New York City and England, such as The Devil Has The Best Tuna, Left Bank Magazine and Overblown.